Reason To Believe PAC is a grassroots organization dedicated to helping elect progressive Democrats in 2018 and 2020. We are proud to endorse Democratic candidates and ballot referendums around the country that share the view that Americans can accomplish more when they turn to each other rather than on each other.

Dr. Hiral Tipirneni
Dr. Hiral TipirneniAZ-8
Dr. Hiral Tipirneni is running for Congress in AZ-08. She’s served her community for two decades as an emergency room physician and cancer research advocate. Her family came to America from India when she was a little girl to pursue the American dream. Hiral wants to expand Medicare and protect Social Security benefits that people work all their lives to earn. She believes this is a good place to start to make sure accessible and affordable health care that covers pre-existing conditions is a guarantee.
Adrienne Bell
Adrienne BellTX-14
Adrienne Bell is a former Obama organizer, a teacher, and the first woman of color to win the congressional nomination by a major party in her district of TX-14. Adrienne is a firm believer in the American dream. She wants to fight for quality public education, advocate for Medicare for All and repair the criminal justice system because the opportunity to succeed is what the people deserve.
Francys Johnson
Francys JohnsonGA-12
Francys Johnson is running for Congress in GA-12. Francys recently stepped down from his role as President of the Georgia NAACP and he has served in ordained ministry for twenty years. He also practices criminal and civil law. Through public service, he has been making a positive difference for a long time. Francys is a recognized thought-leader on voting rights.
Andy Kim
Andy KimNJ-3
Andy Kim, a Rhodes Scholar and former White House national security official, is running for Congress in his home district of NJ-03. He is running against Republican Tom MacArthur who authored the Republican health care bill in the House and came up with the proposal to gut pre-existing condition protections. MacArthur was the only member of Congress from New Jersey to vote “yes” on the tax bill. As a career public servant, Andy served two years at the White House as the Director for Iraq at the National Security Council where he was a point person for coordinating the counter-ISIS war. He previously served in Kabul, Afghanistan as a diplomat and strategic adviser to General David Petraeus and General John Allen when they led coalition forces in Afghanistan, and also worked at the Pentagon, State Department, USAID, and Senate Foreign Relations Committee. Andy received a Doctorate in International Relations from the University of Oxford and also attended the University of Chicago. Andy is married and has two trouble-making baby boys.
Dr. Carolyn Bourdeaux
Dr. Carolyn BourdeauxGA-7
Dr. Carolyn Bourdeaux is running for Congress in GA-07 where she lives with her family. Carolyn believes that public service is what gives life its meaning. She is thankful for a country that invested in her through federal grants and loans, and now she’s working to give it back. She earned a Bachelor’s from Yale, a Master’s from the University of Southern California, and a Ph.D. from Syracuse University. Carolyn witnessed her parents burdened by the costs of their health care and medication, and she understands that there are many families like hers with similar stories. That is why in Congress she will fight to make sure every Georgia family has access to quality, affordable health care.
Ammar Campa-Najjar
Ammar Campa-NajjarCA-50
Ammar Campa-Najjar is running for Congress in CA-50. He is very proud of his background and credits his upbringing of being raised by a single mother for getting him where he is now. Ammar is running to give back to his community: he wants people to retire with dignity, have access to health care & education, and have equal opportunities. With his experience in the White House and his proven record of being able to work with both Democrats and Republicans, he is absolutely the right person to represent CA-50.
Mary Geren
Mary GerenSC-3
Mary Geren is running for Congress in SC-03. Mary serves on the board of Foothills Alliance – an advocacy group for victims of sexual assault and co-chairs the Anderson chapter of SC Democrats Care. She credits public education for being the impetus that propelled her from poverty into the middle class. Her platform is comprehensive and elaborate: she wants to guarantee health care coverage, empower workers, protect civil rights and Net Neutrality, reform criminal justice and campaign finance, prevent gun violence, and fight for quality education.
Susan Wild
Susan WildPA-7
Susan Wild is running for Congress to represent PA-07. Lehigh Valley and the 7th District is the only place Susan could call home, despite moving frequently with her military family. She moved there 30 years ago and it is where her children attended public schools, she built her legal career, and it’s where she’s become a respected and outspoken community leader. In Congress, she wants to reform criminal justice and campaign finance, fight for women’s rights and equality, and protect Medicare.
Sharice Davids
Sharice DavidsKS-3
Sharice Davids is running for Congress to represent KS-03. Sharice feels disheartened by the way her district has been represented in Congress. She thinks her community deserves a voice that represents their values and interests. She focused her career on bringing equity and opportunity to all communities. She believes that now is the time to take action.
Deb Haaland
Deb HaalandNM-1
Deb Haaland is running for Congress in NM-01. She was raised in a military family and is enrolled in Pueblo of Laguna. She has a long track record of standing up for her community and advocating for civil rights. In Congress, Deb wants to continue advocating for under-represented and for progressive values. Deb supports Medicare for All because she believes no American should face bankruptcy, death, or poverty because of a lack of healthcare.
Kathy Manning
Kathy ManningNC-13
Kathy Manning has spent the last 30 years making her community a better place by bringing people together and solving problems. Kathy is running for Congress in NC-13 because she wants to fight for hard-working North Carolinians. She wants to create opportunities, better-paying jobs and make health care affordable and accessible for her constituents.
Xochitl Torres Small
Xochitl Torres SmallNM-2
Xochitl Torres Small is running for Congress in NM-02. She grew up in Las Cruces on the edge of the Chihuahuan Desert. Growing up, she learned that hard work and education can help her succeed. Working for Sen. Udall, Xochitl helped to increase cell phone service, broadband, and other communication lines in rural New Mexico. In Congress, she wants to fight for living wages for hard-working New Mexicans, advocate for public education, and work across party lines to expand rural health care access.
Josh Welle
Josh WelleNJ-4
Josh Welle is running for Congress in NJ-04 because he believes we deserve a government that works for all people. Josh has served our country on the front lines, and knows that our Democracy is special and worth defending. He is ready to serve out of his uniform to ensure access to affordable and quality healthcare, protect a women’s right to make her own healthcare decisions and fight for equal rights for the LGBTQ community. Josh wants to bring jobs back to NJ and lower taxes so people can afford to live there, raise their families there and retire there.
Erika Stotts-Pearson
Erika Stotts-PearsonTN-8
Erika Stotts-Pearson is running for Congress to represent TN-08 because she believes that Washington needs change. Erika has a long and proven track record of community leadership. She founded the Memphis Academy of Health Sciences School and she stands firm in her principles of education reform, as well as common-sense compromises, the promotion of entrepreneurship and small business, financial responsibility and faith-based services.
Annie Kuster
Annie KusterNH-2
When Annie Kuster was first elected to Congress in NH-2, she pledged to bring a new approach to Washington. Annie’s number one priority is to look out for the best interests of Granite Staters, and she believes Members of Congress must reach across party lines to end the gridlock and dysfunction in Washington.
Jahana Hayes
Jahana HayesCT-5
Jahana Hayes is running to represent Connecticut’s fifth district in Congress because she wants to give her community a voice in Washington. She believes that people become disengaged when they don’t see their concerns being addressed and their narrative being reflected. As a lifelong educator and National Teacher of the Year, Jahana understands the power of public education and the problems it is facing.
Liuba Grechen Shirley
Liuba Grechen ShirleyNY-2
Liuba Grechen Shirley is running in NY-2 where she is a mom, community leader, and South Shore native. She grew up in the same Amityville home where she is now raising her two children. Liuba is not a politician, but she knows Washington has been failing Long Island families for too long—and she’s ready to fight back.
Steven Horsford
Steven HorsfordNV-4
Steven Horsford is a proven champion for Nevada’s working families. Steven is running for Congress in NV-04 to stand up to the reckless agenda of Donald Trump and the Congressional Republicans that is hurting our families. They voted to take health care away from millions, passed a tax scheme to benefit the richest among us, and undermine our basic American freedoms. Enough is enough. Nevadans want and deserve something better from our government. Steven is running so our voices can be heard and we can make government start working for the people again.
Amendment 2 - Voter ID
Amendment 2 - Voter IDArkansas
This November, voters in Arkansas have an opportunity to turn down Issue 2, an amendment to their constitution that would disenfranchise many vulnerable citizens of their right to vote. The Voter ID Amendment would require individuals to present valid photo ID to cast non provisional ballots in person or absentee. This amendment is led by the same legislators who tried to pass similar legislation but were struck down by the Supreme Court. Voter ID laws are designed suppress participation among minorities and marginalized groups. Millions of Americans do not have any form of government-issued identification and obtaining one can be costly or nearly impossible for some people.
Haley Stevens
Haley StevensMI-11
Haley Stevens has dedicated her career to saving and growing good-paying jobs in Michigan. During the Great Recession, Haley served as chief of staff on the Auto Task Force inside of the U.S. Treasury Department. Most recently she led a national workforce development program and created the country’s first online training program for digital manufacturing, which is already changing lives. She has led innovation programs across the country, helping small and medium-sized manufacturers grow. Haley is running in MI-11 where she was born, raised and graduated from Seaholm High School.
Elizabeth Warren
Elizabeth WarrenMassachusetts Senate
Elizabeth Warren has been fighting for Massachusetts families in the United States Senate since being elected in 2012. Specifically focused on issues of economic justice, Elizabeth Warren has advocated for the wealthy paying their fair share, stricter oversight of large corporations, and making higher education more affordable. She has consistently advocated and legislated for an economy that benefits all Americans. She seeks her second term in the in the Senate representing Massachusetts.
J.D. Scholten
J.D. Scholten IA-4
J.D. Scholten is running for congress in IA-4. J.D.’s family has lived in Iowa for five generations. He played professional baseball in seven different countries, eventually pitching for the Sioux City Explorers, his hometown team, before he shifted his focus to being a paralegal working in intellectual property. J.D.’s platform prioritizes affordable, accessible health care for all, preserving family farms and a strong ag economy as well as getting big money out of politics.
Joe Radinovich
Joe RadinovichMN-8
Joe Radinovich first elected as a state representative at 25 years old, is running to represent MN-8 in Washington. A lifelong Minnesotan, Joe is running a campaign that models being transparent and accessible to constituents—he is particularly passionate about campaign finance reform.
Sri Preston Kulkarni
Sri Preston KulkarniTX-22
Sri Preston Kulkarni is running for congress in TX-22 where he is a proven leader who has been serving his family, community, and country for his entire life. Growing up, he saw the inequities between the lower income communities where he lived and the affluent neighborhood where he was bused to school, and decided to become involved in public service, going on to serve 14 years in the foreign service.
Abigail Spanberger
Abigail SpanbergerVA-7
Abigail Spanberger is running to represent VA-7 where she lives with her family. Spanberger’s career in public service includes working in multiple positions at the federal level, most recently as a CIA intelligence officer focusing on counter-terrorism. She supports gun policy reform, social services like guaranteed healthcare and social security, and ensuring a pathway to citizenship for undocumented immigrants.
Antonio Delgado
Antonio DelgadoNY-19
Antonio was raised in upstate New York and is running for congress in NY-19 because for too long, our leaders in Washington have failed to give a voice to working families struggling to achieve the American Dream. For too long they have failed to provide a vision forward in an ever-changing global economy that has left thousands in upstate New York behind. We need leaders who will listen to the people and not put dollars over our democracy. We need leaders committed to restoring the American Dream.
Katie Hill
Katie Hill CA-25
Katie is running for congress in CA-25, looking to stabilize families, address poverty at its roots, and bring tangible and real change to her own community. After partnering with health providers, law enforcement and employers, and overseeing hundreds of government contracts, Katie understands the complexities of creating meaningful change. She looks forward to bringing her experience and community’s priorities to Washington, and would be honored to have your support.
Collin Allred
Collin AllredTX-32
Colin is running for Congress in TX-32, because he believes that, now more than ever, we need leaders who will stand up for North Texas families — instead of catering to special interests.
Yes on 3 Massachusetts
Yes on 3 MassachusettsMassachusetts
Yes on 3 Massachusetts presents Massachusetts voters the first-ever statewide popular vote on protections for transgender people from discrimination. The referendum would repeal our state law that protects transgender people from discrimination in public places, including restaurants, stores, and doctors’ offices. A “yes” vote on Question 3 keeps the current law as it is.
Amendment 4- Voting Rights Restoration
Amendment 4- Voting Rights RestorationFlorida
Amendment 4 – Voting Rights Restoration is run by Florida Rights Restoration Coalition, a grassroots, membership organization run by Returning Citizens (Formerly Convicted Persons) who are dedicated to ending the disenfranchisement and discrimination against people with convictions, and creating a more comprehensive and humane reentry system that will enhance successful reentry, reduce recidivism, and increase public safety.
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