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About Us

Reason to Believe PAC is focused on supporting Progressive Candidates and Causes

Reason To Believe endorsed 27 progressive candidates and 3 ballot initiatives. 17 won their races in Texas, Georgia, New Jersey, California, Pennsylvania, Kansas, New Mexico, New Hampshire, Connecticut, Nevada, Virginia, New York, Florida, Massachusetts and Michigan.

Although 14 lost, we had candidates competing in places where we came closer than ever before – like the 4th district of Iowa where Democrat JD Scholten came within 3 percentage points of taking out longtime Republican incumbent Steve King.

We are Building a National Grassroots Network

  • 11 Full-Time Organizers
  • 15 Leadership Lab fellows
  • 36 State Leaders
  • Had organizers on the ground ahead of the midterm elections in South Carolina, Massachusetts, Iowa, New Hampshire, New York, Nevada, California, Maine, Texas, Virginia, New Jersey, Minnesota, Florida, North Dakota and Tennessee.
  • Post Election Activities
    • 15 meet-ups completed
    • 132 attendees
    • 19 meet ups scheduled

What can you do to help Reason to Believe?

  • You can sign up today at reasontobelievepac.com/map to network with others and grow our grassroots effort. Click on the map to tell us where you know people and make sure to get connected with each other.
  • Share our social media pages facebook.com/reasontobelievepac and join our Facebook Community Group.
  • Find a local meetup near you or tell us that you’ll host one in your community!
  • Hold your own 1:1 meetings locally to learn more about what we accomplished in 2018
  • Let's Get Started.

We can’t do this alone.

We need your help.